Episode One: A Human First approach to tackling healthcare issues

Follow Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health, in this short film as he embarks on the journey of Live:Lab.

In this episode, Alan will meet Matt Regan, UK General Manager of AbbVie, to discuss some of the key challenges facing adults (and particularly those aged between 40 and 60 years old) when it comes to engaging with health information.

Alan will also explore the ‘Fear of Finding Out’ phenomenon by talking to three people who admit to not taking heed of the abundance of health information available to them and perhaps not going to the GP when they should.

This film is the first in a series of short episodes which will document the progress of Live:Lab – an ambitious programme which will see a group of some of the world’s leading healthcare, creative and tech minds coming together to try and help improve the health of the nation.


A closer look at the ‘Fear of Finding Out’

AbbVie, in partnership with 2020health, published a report titled ‘The Fear of Finding Out: identifying psychological barriers to symptom presentation and diagnosis in the UK’. Read more about the psychological barriers preventing adults from making healthier lifestyle choices.

Live:Lab: taking on the health of the nation

The latest figures show that life expectancy is at record levels, thanks to advances in science and medicine, yet much of retirement is being spent in ill health - often in and out of hospital. Find out what AbbVie is doing to develop interventions that will have an impact on health systems and patients.