The Fear Box

Watch this video to see Jeff Brazier and members of the public take on the ‘Fear Box’. The 'Fear Box' experiment shows that the fear of the unknown is often worse than the reality. Rather than worrying about health symptoms, it’s much better to get them checked out.

To see if you have the Fear of Finding Out, take the Crush Your FOFO quiz here:


tackling healthcare issues

Episode Two: Harnessing the power of multi-industry collaboration

Watch this episode to learn more about the Live:Lab collaborators. See what happens when leading thinkers from the worlds of healthcare, technology and creativity come together to tackle the Fear of Finding Out.

tackling healthcare issues

How storytelling captures hearts and changes behaviour

What stories should we be telling each other about the NHS and our own health? How do we create a narrative that puts healthcare in a positive light for millions of people and opens our eyes to solutions and not just problems?