Episode Three: The Big Reveal

Watch this episode to see Live:Lab collaborator ‘Glitchers’ (the award-winning game designers) reveal the data capture tool the Live:Lab experts have co-created over the last few months. The ‘tool’ is an online quiz called ‘Crush Your FOFO’. It has been designed to collect anonymous open-data from UK adults, in order to help experts understand what lies behind the Fear of Finding Out. The quiz also raises awareness around the importance of getting worrying health symptoms checked out early.

In this episode you’ll meet a famous face, whose family has been deeply affected by the Fear of Finding Out and who is supporting the launch of the new quiz.

To play Crush Your FOFO please visit: https://goo.gl/L4FQu5


tackling healthcare issues

What can be done to help save the NHS?

Live:Lab chair, Alan Milburn, shares his thoughts on the challenges currently faced by the NHS and how advances in data and technology can overcome them.

tackling healthcare issues

How storytelling captures hearts and changes behaviour

What stories should we be telling each other about the NHS and our own health? How do we create a narrative that puts healthcare in a positive light for millions of people and opens our eyes to solutions and not just problems?